Lonely sad day

Reeking scent of a sweet skin Decadence, massive destruction Strange music, odd muses for a destructive art Brown walls of poverty upon naivety Everything seams near But near, is far Automatic delay for the proximity decay Numbness and the sonic mistake The ruin and glory just became fake Fabricated and vain Every day turns the…

Atomic bomb

I’ll just sit here Over this atomic bomb I’ll sit here a wait Wait until the thing blow my ass of   I’ve been working on this bomb for years And I’ve been neglecting it too Every human has one of this But I like to keep it in hand   I’m sure that if…

My life as a wino

Hidden behind the deep grey clouds is a pure moon shining proudly at the night’s last whisper At the cold cold bottom, nothing is meant to last, no joy, no fear, no pain nor laughter. Dogs barking vaguely, afar, disjointed words of condescending people find no ears no echo. I can’t remember who I was…

Random Haiku #4

I can’t see you face I heard your steps miles away My beautiful storm

Random Haiku #3

Crazy and dizzy I’m at the wonders of buzz Spinning round and round

Random Haiku #2

Cryptic and blue-eyed Lonesome, forever tongue tired I am and will be

Random Haiku #1

I saw and I was Covered in deep scars I ran Back and then forward