The romantic

He was a romantic He used to daydream all the time, With beautiful landscapes painted on his lover’s eyes He liked to smile He was a romantic A romantic of the worst kind An “I bring you flowers” kind of guy With all the poems and the lover’s promises Now that he has died There…

Music from the past

Music from afar Pictures of distant places Paints from all the countries we visited Old memories New memories Broken memory We are a shade of what we used to be We are a landscape darkened by a melancholic mist We unspoked the same words We unfulfilled the same vows Distant places Fading notes Sadened sun…

Be my lover

Find a lover Someone to share your bed Kiss your lover every full moon night Don’t let it be over If passion is forever dead Find a lover every single twilight.

La última estrella

Mi primera estrella llegó cuando mis hermanos y yo éramos apenas unos niños, mis padres habían recurrido a un viejo sabio para que nos la bajara del cielo “siempre déjales a tus amores tus mejores estrellas” solía decir, y mis padres así lo hicieron. La hermosa estrella dorada nos cuidó a todos, pero debo decir…

Falling in love again (Tanka)

Take the leap of faith In true love, trust one more time Simply close your eyes Let your heart once more ignite And be yourself once again

Haiku for Love #4

This one is for you Hoping that you’ll find me here Cause I love you too

Haiku for Love #2

Worthy to die for Specially for you my dear Forever there in my heart

Haiku for Love #1

Last glimpse of truthness That I wish to see at last At the end of times

Love’s echo

She said we walked with no echo But we are an echo in ourselves We are a repetition from another life And our past will be repeated by someone else’s life We are both future and past We are chasing an unexistent present Our uniqueness resides in the way we love… In who we love…