Crónicas del super, sin uso de la razón


No quiero pensar, a mi carrito todo quiero aventar, es un problema, porque hay que pagar… profuso dilema, la rima se quema y el tiempo… también… espero en la fila del super y no el infierno junto a Cerbero…


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  1. mbrazfieldm says:

    does el super carry the brand of dog food cerberus likes he’s there quite often lol lol love it Poeta!

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    1. lynyo says:

      Jajajajaja yeah! And he’s got a job there too! Obrigado colega poeta

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      1. mbrazfieldm says:

        oh ok lol i hope he has medical benefits lol

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      2. lynyo says:

        Ohhh in Mexico you wanna go for the private sector… but he is taking good care Jajajaja

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      3. mbrazfieldm says:

        Oh ok well it’s not that much better in LA lol thanks for the laughter

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      4. lynyo says:

        Thank you as well! Jajajaaj

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