A few words


When illusion fades

The pretty dawn dies

Shining empty skies

Over a few words and felling’s shades…


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  1. Jessica says:

    Is reality really that bad? 😟

    Sorry, I seemed to have unfollowed you without knowing it. No wonder I don’t see the new post from you the last days. Haha clumsy much 😀

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    1. lynyo says:

      I see, I was wondering about that unfollow hahaha, no biggies, querida
      Fewer words can make everything seems to be more dramatic 🤐

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      1. Jessica says:

        Yep. Just as silence can be so noisy 🙂

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      2. lynyo says:

        Silence is the loudest sound!😀

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      3. lynyo says:

        Ok! I’m deaf now… and mute


      4. Jessica says:

        And cute! Ok maybe not cute physically but your personality. Hug! 🤗

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      5. lynyo says:

        Thanks for that hug! I send back an… 🤔Hey! I resent that, I’m cute all the way around!

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      6. Jessica says:

        😂 Really? I thought men don’t like to be called cute. 😄 But if you really are cute… I have to find ways to make you cuter because I love every cute things in the world (insert evil laughter) hehehe

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      7. lynyo says:

        Oh dear, you were entering a dangerous territory! So it’s good that you took the turn into your evil laughter (insert demonic laughter and then… Absolute silence) 😉🤐


      8. Jessica says:

        And here I am… backing slowly, scared of the demonic laughter. I might get hunted. So not cute! 😭

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      9. lynyo says:

        Don’t be, you are safe with me Miky😀


      10. Jessica says:

        Right… 😑 still backing away just in case haha 😄

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      11. lynyo says:

        Ok! Wise girl, because I’m kind of evil!


      12. Jessica says:

        Oh no, you’re misunderstanding me cariño… I’m afraid to stick around because I might enjoy the evilness.

        On the second though, yep. That was wise of me. Hahaha 😂

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      13. lynyo says:

        You are my dear Milky, you are indeed

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      14. Jessica says:

        Did you hear that loud and clear? Hehehe 🤭 I’m enjoying our word battles but sometimes I feel silly.

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      15. lynyo says:

        I dare you to be silly and keep enjoying ourselves Milky

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      16. Jessica says:

        😍 oh I will! 😁

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      17. lynyo says:

        Nice!!!! 😉😍

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