I’m intrigued by the secrets you pretend to keep

Every night I’m breathing poison

The elixir for the lonesome

Don’t speak your mind

Let me try to read your face

You know we are falling far from grace

I know that you shouldn’t fall in love with me

But should I fall for you?

I’ll die here waiting for the end too…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh my god! I’m so fangirling right now ❤️ as the Filipino would describe this feeling “nakakakilig”! (Damn it, it’s damn hard to explain this word in English)


  2. lynyo says:

    You know? I looked for ”nakakakilig” and if I understand correctly, you are thrilling to me too, since day one jajajaja who is being a fan now? Jajaja


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