Tried and failed


How I tried to find the perfect words

The perfect poem, the perfect song

How I tried to gather every atom of beauty for you

But I’ve failed… I’m so lost in your eyes… Your radiant eyes

I can’t see, my heart is blind

There you are, shining in the sky

A touch of your scent and I’m ready to die

The oblivious shade of an eternal splendor

How I tried… To remain strong… To keep my lonely soul

Every time you are near everything is different… Magical

It’s the same attraction that urges the sea… The one between you and me

I won’t fight it anymore… I will sit here and die silently

We are way far from serenity

It’s the ephemeral spell from your eternal kiss

Once you dared touch my lips i became yours… Forever

I know my way around with destiny… We were meant to be far from this catastrophe…


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