The remains of insomnia


I’m deafening from this sunrise

Awaking sun screaming for sleepless souls

He’s deep breaths are consuming my peace

Once more I’m dead to the world

I’m blind under this cloudy sky

Withering eyes vanished under a pale light

I’m naked here, I’m in the eternal shreds of darkness

Once more I’m dead beyond faith

I’m mute from talking

Talking to myself beneath the edge of night

I lost my train of thought for good

Once more I’m dead to you

I can’t smell the alluring scents of the morning

They are all gone, drowned by the midnight rain

There is nothing left in the air, only the breeze of death

I’m laying on my bed, waiting for the end of this nonsense

I feel the iron taste of mourning, fading away

I guess I didn’t die yesterday

But I’m not alive either

I’m struggling with the remains of insomnia… Once again


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