Quiero cortar el metal con un dedo

Corazón de la montaña forjado en fuego

Que el mundo tiemble con estrépito y miedo

Caminos sin rumbo, rumbo donde no hay caminos

En cama de espinas dormimos

Inconsistentes de las traiciones que se avecinan

Mentes estupidas que por poder asesinan

¿Y que queda? Nada ni una rima que los recuerde

Quiero cortar el metal con un dedo

Corazón de la montaña forjado en hielo

Encontrar el destino de la bala disparada con luz apagada

Que el mundo gire con prosperidad propagada


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  1. “Encontrar el destino de la bala disparada con luz apagada” – I love this line. I don’t speak much Spanish but really enjoyed this poem with the help of Google translator!

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    1. lynyo says:

      First of all, I have to thank you for taking the time and effort to translate it!
      I’m so honored and glad that you liked and if you like me to translate something or explain something I’m here for you!
      Thanks for reading and commenting

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      1. You’re most welcome, I really loved it. I travelled in South America for a while a long time ago and studied Spanish a little and learnt as much as I could. At the time I felt I got ok, now I can barely remember it. I really enjoyed pulling those strings of memory and I liked the poem! Thank you!

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      2. lynyo says:

        Oh! Sounds wonderful, like a real-life experience! It’s good to keep the mind in shape, that’s the same reason for me to keep writing in English, I got a rusty language just hanging there.
        Which places in South America you visited?

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      3. It was the trip of a lifetime. I loved it. I visited Chile, Peru, Bolivia. Also spent a bit of time in Mexico and Guatemala. English is your second language? Where are you based?

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      4. lynyo says:

        Sounds wonderful, I’ll go there some time!
        I’m in Mexico City and you?

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      5. Wow, Mexico City! I’m in New Zealand.

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      6. lynyo says:

        Oh! Your country has beautiful landscapes!!!!

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      7. lynyo says:

        Yea, but very different

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      8. Yes, different. I loved the vibrancy and history of Mexico – the Zocolo in Mexico City, murals by Diego Riviera, teotihuacan, incredible beaches, Mayan Ruins… So much to see and do.

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      9. lynyo says:

        Oh yeah! This country is so rich in historical assets that is overwhelming!

        I see New Zealand as a green country with this bucolic scent everywhere, am I right?

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      10. Yeah, it’s pretty green, some stunning scenery. Much less of the culture and history though.

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      11. lynyo says:

        And of course, you have The all blacks!

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      12. Ha! True. Although I don’t follow rugby a lot.

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      13. lynyo says:

        Well you have the locations for Peter Jackson’s most iconic movies and of course, you have Peter Jackson himself

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      14. Yes!!! All blacks and Peter Jackson are what we are known for 😊.

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      15. lynyo says:

        Don’t get me wrong! I’m sure you have much more but I’m ignorant of that ☺️

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      16. Oh no, I don’t get you wrong!! We are a faraway country, and I’m happy we are known for those things! Mexico holds many amazing memories for me, I am happy to know you are in Mexico City, I can visualise it in my mind, all these years later.

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      17. lynyo says:

        Hope you can return someday, you will notice the difference

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      18. I really hope to return some day too… What things have changed the most do you think?

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      19. lynyo says:

        You will I’m sure, and when that happens, contact me I’ll be honored to show you around

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      20. lynyo says:

        For sure!❤️

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