Smiley friend


Smiley friend, old friend, can you hear me?

Do you remember when we used to face life together?

Thank you for your precious fellowship

My friend on earth, my companion through hell

Gracious old friend, are you still there?

With your crazy dreams and your wild instinct

You are, perhaps, the one true wound that I will always ache

I always thought that being together was our fate

Dear friend, your remembrance hurts

Like the edge of a dagger

Like the bleeding path of a tear

You are, forever aching in my heart

My friend, my one true friend

Wake me up, let me know that I’m still dreaming

Like you used to, with the vivid nightmares we once shared

My friend, I just came to say, how much I miss you

I just came to say… Thank you… Thank you my friend…


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