Broken hearts


Broken hearts, still can breathe

Unwanted, pause, to understand the rhythm on 6/8

Broken, hearts, still can love

Broken pieces, aging, waiting to be, reunited

Our broken hearts, still, can love

Unwanted pause, in life, to mess things, up

Here is your broken, coma, and your, unwilling thought

I know, we can, fix it, but why? If, broken… Is much more… Fun

Broken hearts… They are the, spirit of, fine arts

Everyone has, a wounded path, and, a, self written eulogy

Rushing out, of tempo, an, absolute tragedy

I misplace, the, coma,… I, misplaced, the thought

Broken coma, senseless, monster of, ripped hopes

Out of beat illusion of longing memories


Broken hearts, they learn, how to pretend, to be, alive…


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