Types of broken brains


Shall we need a fundament?
For all that is wrong with this world
Shall we stop and try to endure every human lament?
Bugs we are… Sometimes… Greatness we shall be… Most of the time

Under the copycat prophet’s mantle, we shall ignore
What we choose to adore
We are humans and bugs
With much more left to oversee

Shall we provide a real fundament?
For all that we have done wrong?
For every tortuous path, there is a real lament
Bugs we were… With certain beauty recking out of our heads

The fake prophet waits… For eternity and more
All his stupidity galore
Destiny and hope, a reason, a real embrace
That we are different that the entire human race…


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    1. lynyo says:

      Thanks!🖤 I appreciate your comment!!!!


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