The serene


I just have died tonight

I fell asleep and somehow I’ve asphyxiated myself

I feel, so alive and redeemed

It’s like the night belongs to me once more

It’s like the stone that was crushing my dreams is gone

And dreams… Well, now I have none

I looked at myself before I left

So pale, so meaningless

Now, every sound has a purpose

Every star is truly shining above me

How far I am from the end

How wrong I was about life

Existence is precious I always knew that

But in the presence of death, I understand that there is a much greater infinite ahead

Faces I can’t recall but one… Your’s of course

And that’s all I need right now

Here at the edge of the world, where nothing matters

Here, where I realized that I was dead for you so long ago

And that gives me calm…

I am the serene of the night

So from where I am, I’ll keep you safe

I’ll keep you spread into the immensity of death…


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