The remaining chaos

It is here, above this cold grass that I chose to lay down
I can feel every single cell of my skin melting, freezing to it
The landscape is perfectly overwhelming… The mountains shining… Delicate infinity
It’s time… Is my time… This is the perfect place to die…
My eyes are weeping at their own will
My heart is loosing the beat
My mind is fading…
But here…
At the end…
Is where I meet you for the last time…

My sight has turn black… But is here, on this darkness where I treasure you again
I can remember the sound of you laughter conquering the lines
Your eyes shining like the twin stars
Your hair, black like the endless night
And most of all, I can recall how special you are, you were, you’ll always be for me
My angel! For a few days you were my angel



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