Misleading places


Reality changes every day
Today’s beauty is tomorrow’s face of death
Never the less there is always some uniqueness left
Reality is a strange place to blossom

Seems like we have forsaken the truth
Tenderness is now disappearing from this life
Reminiscences of what we used to love
Oblivion is a weird place to bloom

Every place remains silent
Silent under a shade of discontent
No time to listen to the poem hidden in the wind
Ambivalence is an unexpected place to grow

All is surrounded by the new faces of old places
Meaningless words are lost on poisonous hearts
Is the stain of the thorn what’s meant to last
Love is an unlikely place to be born

Misleading emotions borough us here
Not to suffer nor to mourn, but to be completely lost
Long gone is our fascination with love
Apathy is a commonplace to die.



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