Forgive them


Forgive them, they don’t know
They can’t understand what it is to be okay and wrong at the same time
Everyone seems so strong and confident
And us, we are falling apart
Piece by piece, tear by tear
We are not special, on the opposite, we are defective
We are formidable, we know the world for what it is… Greatness!
Don’t be too hard on them, they have been blessed
They can go on without the perpetual burden of regret
We are silent children on a loud existence
We had touched the sky by been buried under the ground
We are the ones how forgot the unwritten word
We are the ones that fear the final judgement

We are the cause, the effect and the consequence
Hoping for a pure smile to be the judge, jury and the executioner

We know the true meaning of a lie
We know how to hide the truth…
Always hide the truth with a smile!
We are not a crying soul nor a happy being
We are the monster that never wants to be seen.


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