Some may redo everything until they are over
Some may finish before is over but they go on somehow
Some may use the same idea over and over again, ideas like love or hate
Some may go over their heads and do nothing instead…

But not me!
I’ll simply use the same word over and over
So when I’m over I could start all over again
Over my dead body I’ll be disloyal to this word that is over one’s mind
Overall, I think we can go on using just one word over the rest of them
I don’t like to over think this, because then it becomes kind of fuzzy and overwhelming
Overdoing things is bad for the eyes
But what if I’m just overachieving something?
This could be a big overture for something big, like a little over the top
Or I may be just over running things
So I’ll just hide over my emotions here
I think I’ll rather be over now…
Over and out!


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