Melancholic Landscape (Tomorrow is never*)


My dreams are forever tied
Tied to my own misery, to my own disgrace
All my desires are tangle down by a self-build cage of emptiness
From afar I look at the soul that I wished I could become

Sadness, oh! twisted sadness meant to be cruel at it’s deepest shapes
I’m trapped in the illusion of who I was… Of who I’ll never be…

Let me go! Let me drown in the oceans of desperation and dense mist
Let me go! Let me mourn all those lost hopes of mine…
Let me cry for my soul because I know that no one will… I know you won’t…
Let me enjoy this melancholic landscape that is dying underneath this sadistic smile
Let me try with fake charm to keep my self alive…
Let me break into pieces without any sound
Let me say goodbye today… Because, Tomorrow is never*


*This piece was inspired by Kay Sage’s “Tomorrow is never” which I had the honour to admire at The MET in New York City.
I’ve decided not to attach the paint or place any link because I believe that you should face it and feel it by yourself.


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