Love is just a moment


I’m standing here alive and breathing hope by your side
Endless blue skies ahead of our journey
This is what the universe called love
Beware… Love is just a moment…

You are standing next to me, your soul is rising
The sun and the moon collide beneath our wills
This is what existence called love
Be aware… Love lasts only a second…

Here we are, face to face
Lost on each other sights
An infinite was grow before our existence and an infinity of thoughts will surpass after then
Beware… Love lasts forever, but forever may be gone…

Here I stand, under the fire cloud
There you are, against the storms of desire
To soon to be apart, eternal goodbyes
In our desperation, we clasp as the words collide in nonsense
But then it all comes to our minds
That this was what we call our beautiful and perfect love
But be aware… Our love was just a moment… And we were blessed.


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