The moon was gone

I went outside on this cold
Just to sed a tear, because I can’t believed my eyes
Something was missing from the skies
There were clouds of infinite shapes,
There were stars smiling in complicity
But the moon was gone

What can I say? I’m a romantic… I missed her
Under a half starry night I begun my search
I walked for hours and hours and nothing
Until, walking down a misty path I heard a voice:

“You might understand that she is gone
Banned from your sight
Your doom is forever to miss her light”

I turned and cry
I refused to believe my luck
But then I saw the owner of that deep voice
It was him… The one that was missing too

Let me explain myself, since I don’t pretend to take much of your time, I’ll only use a few words to describe:

Tragedy and broken hearts are bound to be
He was left behind from the one that he once loved
So was I
We both meet on pain, but then, we went missing
I came to hide in the mountains
He was nowhere to be found
Until one night someone called:

“Wonder no more, he found relieve from his sorrow
I know you are passing thru a rough time too,
So if you lack the strength, try to go and borrow”

I am in the presence of a ghost, I thought
But when he came out from the shades
A simple look at his face cleared my mind
And then I knew that my search was done…


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