My life as a wino


Hidden behind the deep grey clouds is a pure moon shining proudly at the night’s last whisper

At the cold cold bottom, nothing is meant to last, no joy, no fear, no pain nor laughter.

Dogs barking vaguely, afar, disjointed words of condescending people find no ears no echo.

I can’t remember who I was before this glorious dawn, but I know who you were before the sparrow sang.

Morning arrives in spherical like colors, gloomy thoughts, distant fun, and I shut down! Oh, the glory!!! No space!! No time!! Just the moon with her ridiculous goodbyes!! No more, not furthermore!! I am mine, I am falling silent and flying so so deep in nonchalance.

The world is mine! Now and forever on this revolving trance.

Everlasting happiness I dare you to fade! I dare you to remain inconsistent and plane.

Let not formalities end this welfare night, the endless night I shall call you!

God! How I missed the sunrise sweet kiss, the cold wind the timeless sensation… I missed the inspiring dance with the muse, the ageless wisdom from the worlds afar and vibration… The reverberation of the overwhelming silence, naive and comforting for all the wounded. The lonely streets, the pale lights, the magnificent rhetoric of the nonsense talking.

Delightful glassy caress, why should we be sober? Why should we silent the voice of the daredevil? I’ll be me and live forever and ever… don’t look at me like that, I shall prevail before I vanish, I shall live and die as I please, just for tonight, just as long as I’m in your arms.


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