Who she was

She was a wonderful night’s vision

The moon on a clear and perfect sky

She was the warmth of the evening

The radiance of fire

She was the everything hoping for nothing

Now, she’s gone


Because words can’t keep up


Because the magic seems to be gone


Because of something

Because of nothing

Because we can’t tell

Because we can’t choose

Because we are everything to each other

Because we are nothing to one and other

Because we can’t find the way

Because we can’t be strong by been weak

She was my dream, my one and only

She was my heartbeat striking

She was my breath missing

She was my dream, my one and only

She was my heart hoping

She was everything to me

Now, she went missing

And I… I’ve found words pointless

Because she is not reading how much I still love her

And much I miss her

She doesn’t realize who she is to the world… And who she was to me…


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  1. Nice post!
    Please, I would like you to follow my blog as well… Thanks!


    1. lynyo says:

      Thank you for reading
      I do follow you


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