Here we are!

The same road back and forward

I’ve smashed my head against the mirror today


Because I wanted to cast the demon that resides inside me

Because I wanted to end the sleepwalking nightmare…

Insomnia is like life itself

Everybody describe them so romantically, with such naivety

But the truth is that at some point, they both hurt

Someday they strike…

They both cause you headaches


Brain damge

Brain malfunction




Yes they both hit painfully

But they are both inspiring

Well, you know? They are not just inspiring…

They are this eternal hallucination

This random half colored half dark images and events rounding your mind

They are both build around poorly remembered dreams, poorly remembered songs, poorly remembered loves…

Let’s face it, they are kind of magical, but at the end… They are both exhausting…

Insomnia is a slow-motion existence.


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    1. lynyo says:

      Thank you for reading


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