Tender touch…

IMG_9025Under sorrow’s cold eye we share the last tender touch
No one has ever died from love
But sorrow is a wild predator
And now it’s awake… It’s coming… It’s time

One last dance, one last goodbye
Will I see you again?
No on this life please, my heart will explode
My heart will die under the spell of your tender touch…

Let it be this gentle hug our last tender touch
Let our souls clasped tightly for a second
Let our love live for one more second
Let me die from sorrow…

Tender touch, gentle touch, don’t leave my skin
I wanna keep you before I move on
Another moment of sadness that I choose to treasure because if this is the only way to hold your memorie on my mind, I’ll take it, as long as I have the bliss of your tender touch…


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