Here is the thing with insomnia, it’s been a true companion all my life

I can’t say I like it, but every night it waits for me patiently

Four o’clock in the morning, it’s her favorite time to strike

Oh boy, I like to think that I can make the most of it, but if I have to be brutally honest with you, I’m not

You see, with time insomnia becomes more like a deafening buzz instead of a true source of inspiration

I’m not totally awake but I can’t go back to sleep

All I have are this incomplete thought that round my mind again and again

My mind gets tired, my eyes feel numb

A good night sleep has become an obsession… Obsessions are hard to get, that’s why they are so appealing.

Should I try it? Should I stop all this bitching and moaning and try to go back to sleep?

Probably that’s for the best

But I have to thank you if you have read this far, so, I’ll give you something more meaningful than all this crazy nonsense…

You are unique, you truly are… And you are or you will be someone very special for an other person and that’s the biggest treassure.. And if you are like me and those moments are way past you and the only thing that they’ve left you is a broken heart, don’t worry, no one has ever died for love’s disease, so, take a deep breath in the silence and close your eyes, let’s try to beat insomnia one more time…


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