Sand castles

One year

One year of space

One year to think

One year to let our love completely wear

One year to live

One year to miss

One year to realize that we have run out of time

One year to live in denial

One year to feed the pride

One year to try to overcome the lost of you

One year

It’s funny how this things worked

We spend years and years building something

Something pretty much like a sand castle

We put all of our thoughts, all of our love

But then, suddenly, everything is gone like banished from existence

I guess we build our castle to close to the sea

So when the wave came… So when life happened…

One year to fear

One year to drink

One year to run

One year to smoke

One year to fuck

One year to lie to myself and pretend I’m strong

One year to finally accept that I can’t let you go

One year to come to a decision and a lifetime to regret it…


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